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Useful Phonics Websites

Phonics Play - A wonderful website with online games for your child to play to practise their phonics.

Alphablocks - A Cbeebies tv programme for children using phonics. Lots of online games on the Cbeebies website and app. 

Purple Mash - Purple Mash is an online learning resource for children to access and support their learning. Your child should have a login because the school pays the subscription to access the website (please contact your child's class teacher if your child does not know their log in). 

Starfall  - Starfall is a free website with online stories for your child to read using their phonic knowledge. It has a variety of games and stories online and if your child clicks on the words, it tells them how to pronounce them. 

Roy the reading zebra - A website with fun reading games to help your child develop their phonic knowledge and reading skills.