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English Curriculum


Speaking & Listening

The school policy is to offer the children a wide variety of opportunities to extend their vocabulary and their use of oral and written language. This is achieved in a wide variety of ways e.g. through role play, circle times, drama sessions, grammar and comprehension work. This will result in the development of increased confidence, self expression and expertise in English.


Our aim is to equip each child with the skills necessary to progress through the stages of reading to become competent, confident, independent readers with a love and respect for literature. Our reading books are organised into bands of reading difficulty with our main reading scheme being the 'Oxford Reading Tree' and we have a well stocked and maintained school library. We have strong links with our local library too and encourage children and parents to make use of this valuable resource. We support reading through a very specific approach to guided reading in class (Reciprocal Reading) and we also provide Reading Recovery support in Year 1 for many children.



We follow the 'Read, Write Inc ' scheme to help ensure consistent and steady progress in the development of early reading skills. Our children make very good progress in their early development of letter sounds and blends, with 89% of pupils reaching the required standard in the Year 1 phonics check in 2018 (compared to a national average of 83%).


Children will be taught to writer for a wide range of purposes and audiences. They will be taught to organise and structure their writing in a variety of ways through fiction, poetry and other texts.


Handwriting is taught systematically throughout the school, during regular lessons. Once competent and confident writers in KS2 the children progress to using pens for writing.


Spelling strategies are taught in daily reading and spelling workshops and children learn, and are tested, on a bank of words that they should spell correctly. They will be taught to use a dictionary and thesaurus when and where appropriate.


Young Shakespeare

The juniors of our school were lucky enough to have a visit performance from The a Young Shakespeare Company. They performed Romeo & Juliet, a very moving story many of the children were already familiar with. There was a lot of student participation which made for lots of excitement from the audience. 

Parents' Questionnaire- Writing

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