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Due to the pandemic, we cannot go on the usual school trips that the children enjoy.  So this year, we can visit Museums and Art Galleries virtually from all around the world.


The Louvre, Paris

Louvre Kids is a fantastic website for children to learn about paintings, sculptures and artefacts at the Louvre in Paris. There are videos explaining the stories linked to the objects including the Mona Lisa, The Lady of Auxerre and the Ancient Egyptian bowl of General Djehuty.

The Tate, London

Tate Kids provides lots of activities and stories for children to learn about the paintings and sculptures at the Tate Modern in London. 

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

To see Van Gogh's paintings and to learn about his history, the Van Gogh Museum has a brilliant interactive website with videos and lots of child friendly explanations. 


Vatican City Tour

The Vatican Museums, Rome

Take the children on a tour of the Vatican city with Saint Peter's Basilica and Square and inside the Vatican's museums with it's painted ceilings, intricate murals and tapestries. 


Museum of London

The Museum of London has two wonderful museums, in Docklands and in Barbican. There is a great collection of information about London during World War II and the Great Fire of London as well as many other events in London's history. There are good slideshows of artefacts and photos from the museum as well as sound bites to hear people talking about their memories and stories. 


British Museum, London

Explore 'Twelve objects to see with children' at the British Museum to learn about the fascinating history of objects from Egypt, Easter Island, Mexico, China, Middle East, Bolivia and UK. 

Valence House Museum, Dagenham

This is a brilliant museum about the local history of Barking and Dagenham. Usually the children enjoy walking to this local museum at Valence Park but for now, we can access their informative website with photos, stories and artefacts from the collections. 

Buckingham Palace, London

Come on a tour with the guides around Buckingham Palace as they guide you through the rooms and walkways of Kings and Queens.

Houses of Parliament

Get a chance to look around Parliament where the Prime Minister , MPs and Lords gather to make decisions for the country.


Science Museum, London

The Science Museum brings you on a tour of technology, Space, Mathematics, robots, computing and more through objects and stories. 

Natural History Museum, London

The Natural History Museum has a great website with lots of information about dinosaurs, space, oceans, wildlife and human evolution. There is lots to explore both in the classroom and to try at home. 


Discover Story Centre, Stratford

The Discover Story Centre is an interactive world that brings stories to life. Whilst lockdown is on, the storytellers have continued to tell children's stories and put them on the Youtube channel. 

The British Library

The British Library at Kings Cross, St Pancras has lots of online resources and free tours linked to their vast collection of books and texts. 


Bank of England Museum

In previous years, our pupils have visited this museum at Bank. We cannot go to the museum but the resources are available to teach about money in the classroom. 'Money and me' is taught using the Beano comic book as well as the museum. 

TV and Film

Bafta Kids

The Baftas (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) has a children's section with videos showing how TV shows and films are made and behind the scenes videos. 

Warner Bros Studios

Warner Bros Studios has lots of at home / school learning linked to their Harry Potter studios in Watford. 

Music and Dance

Royal Opera House

The Royal Opera House has lots of activities linked to the operas and ballets performed at the theatre.

Updated 18/3/2021