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Our scheme of work for Science is Developing Experts. We focus on working scientifically through Investigations. The students and teachers all have access to their own portal pages online where everyone can review specific 'Rocket Words' to develop vocabulary needed for every lesson. Children can also participate in quizzes online at home to review and prepare for end of unit knowledge tests.

Year Group National Curriculum Provision Maps

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Working Scientifically 

Here you can find how the students should work scientifically through investigative work covered within our scheme, Developing Experts.

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Year 5

Properties of Material

Year 5 have been investigating the strength of different materials when weight and pressure have been forced against them. Here the children tested straw, plastic and wood. Many predicted that plastic and wood would be the strongest materials. Good predicting Year 5!

Earth & Space

 Year 5 investigated the concept of gravity using a selection of balls. They first predicted which ball would hit the ground first. In their conclusions, most children’s predictions were correct.

Year 6


Year 6 have been working hard on creating electrical circuits. They have progressed from being able to create a simple circuit to now making a parallel circuit! They then questioned and discussed the difference between a simple and parallel circuit.