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Staff List

Executive Headteacher: Mr Corcoran

Headteacher :Mr Campling

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Aggrey

Assistant Headteachers: Mr Kavanagh & Miss Hughes

Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mr Campling

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads: Mr Campling, Mrs Aggrey, Mr Kavanagh, Miss Hughes

SENCO: Miss Hughes

Class Teacher

 Teaching Assistants/Cover

Reception:  Mrs Clark

Mrs Dawson

Mrs Joyner

Mrs Jannece

Mrs Hernandez

Mrs Ramm

Year 1:  Mrs Brown

Year 2:  Mrs Hatton / Mrs Harris

KS1 and Rec Phase Lead

Miss Hughes

Year 3:   Ms Daley

Ms Arber

Miss Lee

Ms Shirley

Mrs Jannece

Year 4:  Miss Wallis

Year 5:  Miss Abazi

Year 6:  Mr Kavanagh

KS2 Phase Lead

Mr Kavanagh

PPA cover

Mrs Jannece

Pupil/Parent support

Mrs Dawson


Assistant School Business manager

Mrs Squibb

Admin Assistant

Mrs Begum


Lunchtime Play Assistants

Mrs Ramm/Mrs Clarke/Ms Riaz/Ms Tamosiuniene 

Site Manager

Mr McGovern


Mrs Pheby/Ms Ejeta

In line with  legislation, we 0 (zero) members of staff earning over £100,000 in the academic year 2023-24

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