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Catholic Life & Worship

Within our school we use a variety of resources to support the Worship within the classrooms. Our most used resource is which provides classes with weekly resources.  St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Stourbridge - Newsletter

Our chaplaincy team frequently use the resources for weekly Gospel assemblies which they lead. It also provides us with monthly prayer newsletters to share with our parents and wider community (See below links)


Gospel assemblies are held every week on Tuesday (KS1) and Wednesday KS2). These provide opportunity for group worship on specific themes related to the weeks Gospel readings.

Ten:Ten resources Parents newslettersSt Joseph's Catholic Primary School Stourbridge - Newsletter

February 2024

Ten:Ten Resources Parent Portal


Parents of children at our school have access to the parent and family resources online. These can be accessed by following the link below:

Parent Portal

In order to login you will need to use the Username and Password which has been provided by the school office via School Jotter. If you require them again, please ask the school office for access.