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Maths Curriculum

The school aims to stimulate and improve upon the children's confidence and enjoyment in mathematics, whilst encouraging them to develop the language and ability to express ideas fluently and assimilate new mathematical concepts with confidence. Mathematics is an area of the curriculum that children should gain wide experience of and enjoy throughout their school life and beyond.

The teaching of numeracy, including mental calculation skills, is given high priority, with an emphasis on children applying mathematical procedures to solve number problems. It is our hope that the children will come into contact with a variety of methods, investigations and problems covering a wide range of topics, enabling them to acquire the basic skills, concepts and knowledge necessary for them to develop a keen and interested attitude. Maths is an area of learning that the children use across so many areas of our curriculum, such as science, design and technology and geography.

All classes follow the Collins 'Busy Ants' maths scheme, which teaches all elements of the new national curriculum maths.



Curriculum Map and Key Documents