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Set 2 Sounds


There are 12 Set 2 ‘speed sounds’ that are made up of two or three letters which represent just one sound.

For example, 'ay' as in play, 'ee' as in tree and 'igh' as in high.

When your child learns their Set 2 sounds they will learn:

  • the letters that represent a speed sound e.g. ay;
  • a simple picture prompt linked to the ‘speed sound’;
  • a short phrase to say e.g. 'May I play?'

Green Words in Set 2

Every speed sound has a list of green words linked to it, so your child can ‘sound out’ and ‘sound blend’ words containing the new speed sound they have just learnt.

For example, s-p-r-ay => spray. 

ay: day play say may tray today

ee: seen need sleep feel three green

igh: might light sight night fright

ow: snow flow know show blow

oo: mood fool pool stool moon spoon poo zoo

oo: took shook cook foot look book

ar: start car bar park smart sharp car spark

or: door sort short worn horse sport fork
air: fair stair hair lair chair

ir: girl third whirl twirl dirt

ou: out mouth round found loud shout

oy: toy boy enjoy