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Your child will learn to write the letters of the alphabet using the phrases learnt in Read Write Inc (RWI) alongside learning their phonics.

Once your child has mastered writing the letters of the alphabet, they will continue to learn to write their letters on the line and in a consistent size and then later joined up handwriting using the Nelson handwriting. The font that our school uses is 'cursive handwriting'. 

How to write the letters of the alphabet using the special phrases that your child will learn in their phonics lesson

To help the children with their writing, we use the following rhymes to help them to remember the correct letter formation. It would be most helpful, if you wish to support your child at home with their writing, if you also referred to these rhymes.

Online Handwriting Games

This is a fun online game to show your child how the letters of the alphabet are formed - skywriter - this website shows your child how to form the letters of the alphabet and the correct starting point. 

Individual Letter Worksheets