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Year 5

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Here are daily updates of what the children are expected to do on Google Classroom each day.

Wednesday April 1st 2020
Good Morning Year 5!
Today, complete:
- April 1 Maths
- Complete any work for War Horse
- Complete April 1 RE the arrest Judas
- Complete any IPC projects

Tuesday March 31st 2020

Good morning Year 5!
Today, complete:
- March 31 Maths, subtracting decimals
- Complete any of the War Horse activities
- Complete any of the IPC activities

Check out these lovely colouring pages you can do in your spare time! I have also posted them under the IPC assignments.

Monday March 30th 2020

Good morning Year 5!
Today, complete:
- March 30th Maths, adding decimals
- Read the final chapter of War Horse
- Answer chapter 21 comprehension questions
- Begin War Horse book review google slides project, due on Friday April 3
- RE assignment, type answers to questions about Judas' betrayal, SUBMIT YOUR GOOGLE DOC ASSIGNMENT BY 3:00 PM today.

Friday March 27th 2020

Good morning Year 5, Happy Friday!
Today, complete:
- March 27th Maths- End of Decimal Unit Test (PDF of the test is on Google Classroom)
- Read chapters 19 & 20 of War Horse
- Answer chapter 20 of War Horse comprehension questions
- Work on IPC projects or go on Developing Experts
- Have fun with something creative and share it to the stream

                                         Chapter 20

                 War Horse Comprehension Questions

  1. What did Joey mean when he said ‘There was an air of determined conspiracy’ ?
  2. Why were the horses jumpy the next morning?  
  3. Why was Sergeant Thunder passing a small tin box around among the men?
  4. Whose idea was it to try and bid for Joey at the auction?  
  5. How do you think Joey is feeling before the auction? Describe in detail
  6. Why did Albert whisper the words “Oh God, no”? 
  7. Who outbid the butcher of Cambrai?
  8. How did the old man warn the butcher?
  9. Why did the auctioneer delay in bringing down his hammer?

Thursday March 26th 2020
Good morning Year 5!
Today, complete:
- March 26th Maths, solving decimal word problems (#5 not necessary)
- Read chapters 17 & 18 of War Horse
- Answer Chapter 18 comprehension questions
- Continue work on IPC projects
- Be creative with any art or any other activity you enjoy doing

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                                            Chapter 18

                    War Horse Comprehension Questions

  1. Why did Joeys describe the days that followed as ‘Euphoric’? What did he mean by this?
  2. Why did the war begin to fade from Joey’s memory?
  3. Why do you think Joey was treated like a celebrity by the other soldiers?  
  4. Why didn’t Joey get better as he should have? Describe in detail what was wrong with him quoting from the chapter.
  5. How had Albert’s Dad changed after he sold Joey to the army? Does this change your opinion of him?
  6. Why did Albert fetch Major Martin?
  7. Why did the Major say sorry to Albert?
  8. What do you think is going through Albert’s mind at this point?
  9. What did Major Martin once say to the soldiers about the horses? Quote from the chapter?
  10. Why do you think David reminded the Major of this?
  11. Why was Joey put into a sling?
  12. 12.How did Joey show Albert that he was better?
  1. Do you think that Joey and Albert will make it home together? Justify you answer.

Wednesday March 25th 2020

Good morning Year 5!
Today, complete:
- March 25th Maths, rounding decimals
- Read chapter 16 of War Horse
- Answer chapter 16 War Horse comprehension questions
- Continue working on IPC projects on Google Classroom, due May 1

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                                        Chapter 16

               War Horse Comprehension Questions

  1. Which smell did Joey get as he wandered in no man’s land?  
  2. What did the soldiers wave as they cut through the wire for Joey?
  3. What did the German soldier feed to Joey?  
  4. How did the two soldiers decide which one would take Joey with him? 
  5. How did the two soldiers feel about the war?
  6. What did they expect to be doing again in an hour or two?
  7. How did the soldiers react as Joey was led towards them?

Tuesday March 24th 2020
Good morning Year 5,
Today, complete:
- March 24th Maths, ordering decimals.
- March 24th English, read chapters 14 & 15 of War Horse
- Answer chapter 13 & 15 comprehension questions
- Begin working on the Tectonic Plate movement google slides OR the extreme weather google slides assignments. I set a due date of May 1 so you have more than a month to complete them.

Displaying 20 Mar 2020 at 13:19.png  Displaying 20 Mar 2020 at 13:20.png  

                                     Chapter 13

               War Horse Comprehension Questions

  1. How did the arrival of spring help the horses and soldiers? 
  2. Why was Friedrich referred to as “mad”?
  3. Which task did Friedrich supervise the horses to do?  
  4. How does Joey describe Friedrich? 
  5. Which job did Friedrich have before joining the war?
  6. How did Friedrich feel about Topthorn?
  7. What did Friedrich promise his best to do? 
  8. Find 6 words from the passage. Find their meaning and then write them into a sentence.

                                  Chapter 15

               War Horse Comprehension Questions

  1. Where did Joey stay all that day and into the night?
  2. What were Joey’s reasons for staying next to Topthorn and Friedrich?
  3. What did Joey see that frightened him? How did he describe the ‘monster’?
  4. What forced Joey to lie down and sleep?
  5. What woke Joey up and made him run again?
  6. How does Joey describe what is going on around him? Write a paragraph and quote from the chapter.
  7. What happened to Joey’s leg?
  8. How do we know the Soldiers are British? What clues are there?
  9. Where does Joey end up?
  10. What clues tell us this? 


Monday March 23rd 2020

Good morning Year 5!
Today I would like you to:
- Answer March 23 Maths questions in Your maths workbook
- Read chapter 11 & 12 of War Horse (pages 35-40)
- Answer chapter 12 comprehension questions in your English workbook
- Read PowerPoint about Tectonic Plates under the What a Wonderful World IPC heading

Displaying 20 Mar 2020 at 13:15.png  Displaying 20 Mar 2020 at 13:16.png

                                           Chapter 12

                War Horse Comprehension Questions

  1. How does Joey describe the developments in the war?
  2. How does Joey describe the men he is working with?
  3. Describe in detail what the conditions were like for the horses.
  4. Describe the character of Coco?
  5. What happened to Heinie?
  6. When horses became ill what happened to them?
  7. What did Joey say were killing the horses?
  8. Define the following words from the passage. Write their definition then put them into a sentence. Make sure each sentences has a conjunction and makes use of interesting adjectives.
  • excruciatingly 
  • recuperation 
  • intermittently 

Maths Unit 7 Parent Newsletter

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