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Weekly Liturgies, Assemblies and Prayers to use at home


Sunday Family Liturgy

  • Before you begin, gather the family together. This might be in the same room or if you are in different places, you might gather online, using Skype, for example.
  • Decide who is going to be Prayer Leader. You could have more than one Prayer Leader. The Prayer Leader should read aloud all of the text on screen where indicated.
  • Everybody else should read the parts where indicated.
  • You may like to light a candle to mark the start of your Family Liturgy.
  • Click the link below to start the service.

 Liturgy for Sunday 10th May


Please click on the links below which will bring you to a short assembly to watch at home based on the previous Sunday's Gospel Reading

Assembly for Week Beginning 11th May: Hide and Seek

Assembly for Week Beginning 18th May:  You'll Never Walk Alone


Prayers to use at home

A set of prayers to use at home throughout the closure


May - Month of the Rosary

A letter from Pope Francis about the Rosary for May

 New Prayers from Pope Francis to use at the end of the Rosary

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