to St. Teresa Catholic Primary School

Year 3 School Trip to The Ragged School in Mile End

The children in Year 3 enjoyed going back in time and visited a Victorian school. They experienced a lesson and got a feel of what it would have been like to have been a child living in those times. Afterwards they looked around a home of that time and learnt a lot about items that have since developed into items we now use. The children got a sense of the hard living conditions. The Ragged school has a small museum area full of information about the local area as well.  The children had a very enjoyable and informative day.

The museum is open during holiday times and holds many events.


Quadkids Athletics 

The Year 3 & 4 athletics teams took part in the borough athletics tournament today. 25 schools competed to become borough champions. The children had to take part in sprinting, throwing, jumping and long distance events. We had some fantastic individual performances and at the end of the day, the Year 3 team finished in 4th place overall. This is St Teresa’s best ever result! Well done Michael, Aiden, Daniel, Patrick, Oluchi, Esther, Rachel & Mary! 

Caribbean Soup making and tasting.

Children in Year 3 enjoyed making Caribbean soup and tasting  different flavours during our cooking session.  The children studied the book ‘Gregory Cool’ that is set in Tobago. During IPC the children have studied many islands around the world. Thank you to Kayla and her mum for creating the recipe and helping us to prepare vegetables and flavours that tasted delicious! Enter text...

                                     World Book Day - March 2019

The children and staff all enjoyed dressing up as book characters for World Book Day. Children in Year 3 enjoy reading each day in school and thoroughly enjoyed the day. Children took part in activities relating to books and reading. There were prizes for costumes judged by the children themselves as well as a winner in each class for the Extreme Reading photograph competition. Well done to everyone!

Welcome to Year 3!

Classteacher: Mrs Harris/ Miss Ikram

Welcome to the Year three class page. You can find out all about our learning and topics by clicking on the curriculum letter links.  


Autumn Term 2019 Curriculum Letters

Year 3 Class Assembly February 2019.   Shaping Up 

Children in Year 3 took part in an assembly based on their I.P.C topic - ‘Shaping Up’. They learnt about muscles used in exercise, body organs and exercise. The children were able to welcome two different fitness instructors and took part in fitness and healthy eating sessions. During our assembly, the children were able to share the physical activities and sports that they participate in out of school, explaining how long they do each one for and the fun that they have when taking part in them. The assembly inspired all of us to think about how we can incorporate more exercise into our daily lives.

Shape Up IPC Topic

Children in Year 3 took part in a aerobics fitness session led by a fitness instructor as part of our IPC topic ‘Shape Up’. The children have been learning how important exercise is to our fitness and well- being.

                                                                                          School Trip to Bedfords Park

Class Assembly

Year 3 enjoyed reading the book 'One Plastic Bag' as part of their English lessons. They learned about the problem of plastic in our world and in the sea. As the story was set in The Gambia, the children chose to wear African dress for their assembly. They shared their learning with the rest of the school in assembly through drama, singing and by sharing information. 

Year 3 & 4 Quadkids Athletics

The Year 3 & 4 athletics team went to the Jim Peters Stadium at Mayesbrook Park this week to take part in the annual athletics competition. 28 schools took part in total. We had some fantastic individual performances from our children and the Year 3 team of Courtney, Benas, Ijara, Remiel, Cherish, Angel, Rosalia and Marlena finished in an amazing 5th place overall! They also won their relay race. Well done Year 3!

June 2017: Year 3 tennis competition

Year 3 recently took part in their first ever tennis competition at Sydney Russell School. They played against lots of other schools from across the borough and every single child played fantastically. They each played four games and all won at least one, with Michelle even winning all four of her games! Our two teams finished 2nd and 3rd in their respective groups, which was a brilliant result. I think they are all looking forward to next year's competition! I hope it has inspired them to continue playing tennis outside of school.  

                               Annual Christmas Bazaar

Children in Year 3 enjoyed the activities at the Christmas bazaar. The children had fun playing games  and spending their money on presents for their friends and families. There was a great selection of items for   sale including delicious cakes, small toys and games. Father Christmas attended and children were able to have their photographs taken. All the children had a great time!