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Calling all Past Pupils!

We are attempting to put together a log book of all our past pupils from the last 20 years who attended St Teresa's. We need information about which secondary school you went to and what you did next. As I'm sure you can appreciate this is quite a big job and we rely on getting the information from you and from word of mouth. If you left the St Teresa Catholic Primary School betweem 1995 nad 2015 then please email us with the details about what you did next. If you know about anyone else from your class then please forward that to us as well. This would be a wonderful record to have of where all our past pupils went to and what they have gone on to do.


I know lots of people will be able to assist us in putting together this information.


Many thanks in advance.


Grace Hughes

Head of School


Email the following address with the information below


  • Name
  • Year of leaving St Teresa's
  • Secondary school attended
  • After secondary school